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5 Must-Haves To Grow Your Boudoir Photography Business.

February 21, 2022

Whether you are a part-time boudoir photographer or a full-time boudoir photographer, we can find ourselves getting stuck and wondering where and how to take our business to the next level. The legit definition of scaling in business is to increase your revenue faster than you increase new costs, so it’s important we don’t miss […]

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Whether you are a part-time boudoir photographer or a full-time boudoir photographer, we can find ourselves getting stuck and wondering where and how to take our business to the next level.

The legit definition of scaling in business is to increase your revenue faster than you increase new costs, so it’s important we don’t miss the critical components that are necessary to set ourselves up for growth and the ability to grow so that we don’t fall flat on our faces.

Whether you’re adding on new services, new sets, an associate photographer, an editor, or taking on more clients, changing up the experience you’re offering or expanding to a second studio location, choosing to scale is a big decision that takes planning, prep, and intention in order to do it in a way that lasts and feels manageable for the long haul. So let’s break down the 5 things that you need to have in place as you move on up and grow your business! Ya ready? Let’s go.

Serve, Serve, Serve, and then Serve some more.

One of the easiest ways to serve your potential leads is by using your e-mail list. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time! We highly recommend Flodesk. You can join for $19 a month here! Seriously, it’s an amazing investment in your business and something that you OWN!

Email lists are the best way that you can generate and serve your leads, they are also the #1 way you can drive results and sales. (REMEMBER: You own your e-mail list. The algorithm can’t take it away from you!) It’s important that you not only have an email list but that you have a plan for consistently growing it with new leads and serving it well.

Keep in mind, for someone to sign up for your list, they need to be interested in something you can deliver to them, whether it’s a free resource, a discount code, or a planning guide you want to deliver something of value immediately to them.

When you are in the process of growing your biz, you need something like this in place to be consistently sharing your freebies or opt-ins so that you can generate new leads but also have a plan in place for you to easily keep in touch with your full list (You know, incase you lose your group or get banned from a social medai platform…. We’ve seen it happen!) Having an e-mail list that grows with you gives you an incredible way to launch and scale your services at a very low cost.

This is important because the more smart processes you set up to nurture your audience, the less time you have to spend day in and out holding their hand. Your email list will be a huge results driver for you as it will turn potential clients or those interested in your services into paying clients over time, so make sure you get your systems in place as you get ready to grow. Your email list helps ensure that your community is taken care of from the jump when they hop on your email list and trust us, that’s comforting to know as you focus your efforts on the revenue-building tasks.

Take the time to find what works best for YOUR business

The key to being able to grow is truly taking the time to find what works for YOU and YOUR business. This is going to be very different for every business, but we believe that it is also so important because, in order to grow, you have to start with something that’s already proven to work.

When we’re talking about scaling your business, that means you already have SOMETHING that people are wanting and buying, it’s been a proven hit, you’ve worked out the kinks, you’re getting good results or testimonials, and so to scale your boudoir business, you have to figure out how you can deliver it or increase your sales without increasing your time, effort, or money spent to get those results. 

Does that mean hiring an associate photographer? Does that mean you are ready to raise your prices? Does that mean outsourcing your editing? Does that mean hiring an admin assistant? Does that mean cutting out sales calls?

One of the BEST places to begin when it comes to scaling your biz is to really take a deep dive inventory into what is driving the greatest results for your very own business. This isn’t a time to compare your business to anyone else’s business, but your very own.

This might feel a little scary, but we encourage you to really look at your numbers and figure out what is driving the greatest results, what is selling consistently in your business? So, which package do you sell the most? Which product is the most popular with your clients? Or is it digitals only? What is resonating, and how you can either add to or refine your offer to make it scalable?

Remember, when scaling you want to see your results improve without needing to necessarily increase the amount of time/energy/effort in order to get those results. 

Learn how to show up consistently

One of the easiest places to show up consistently on a daily basis in your business is through social media.

Even though it is more important to use your marketing focus on platforms that you truly do own, such as your e-mail list, it’s important that you’re also consistently showing up on social media and building that know/like/trust factor.

Think of social media as an opportunity to be introduced to new people. They will be introduced to your brand, your services, and your expertise before your potential client even books with you.

In the current day and age, It is very important to be visible online so that people understand who you are and what you do and who you serve. Social media provides a great opportunity to grow, but it can also be systemized in a way that doesn’t take over your life. It will just be one tool in the toolbox of your efforts as you build out your bigger system. 

Not only is social media a place where you can promote your business, but, more importantly, a place where you can build a recognizable brand that is built on connection. We all know that people will be doing research to find the perfect fit for them, before they even inquire, or book with you. Social media is an amazing opportunity to build your brand and allow potential clients to connect with you.

Start to build out your system for what it will look like to consistently show up online and serve. This doesn’t have to be a major leap, such as blogging or emailing your list on a daily basis. We always suggest that you start small with the goal of building up to more complex systems.

Whatever you are able to commit to, do your best to show up consistently so that your audience will learn to trust you and when they are ready for the service that you offer, you will be the very first one that they think of.

Automation & Support

If you’re looking to grow your boudoir business, then we want to focus on your strategies and systems that are sustainable. These two factors – automation & support will be the key to your success and growth without being overworked and burnt out.

If you want to grow your boudoir business and you don’t want it to take over your life, meaning you work 24/7 then you need support. It is non-negotiable. The support you can have can come in many different forms. From having automation set up through your customer relationship management system (CRM: Honeybook, Dubsado, 17 Hats, etc.) to help you scale with ease or it’s in the form of hiring an assistant, or adding an associate photographer, or an editor/retoucher, or studio manager. If you truly want to get bigger results, you’ll want to make sure you have the systems and support that will allow you to do so without adding more work to your plate.

Tell us, do you find yourself writing and re-writing the same emails in response to new client inquiries or common questions? Create a welcome and prep guide, or canned e-mails with a response to the FAQs you get from your clients. Your goal is to always be one step ahead in your client communication.

Do you spend hours worrying about your taxes during tax time? Use Quickbooks to track and log your expenses so you can send a few simple documents to your accountant.

Do you spend a lot of time preparing contracts & invoices to send to clients when they are ready to book? We have set up a very quick system that only requires 3-4 clicks TOTAL, and use a canned e-mail to send our clients.

Do you get sucked into creating social media for hours at a time but end up getting distracted in the end? Outsource your social media management or create a time audit to identify weak places where you can bring in help and also allows you to see gaps that might hinder your ability to grow your boudoir business at a faster rate.

If you’re spending way too many hours on smaller tasks that take away from the real needle-moving you forward in your business then you make need to take a step back and or hinder y the visionary and CEO of your business and own making decisions that will increase your income, and free up your time, rather than spending more money and generating less revenue (For example: Are you spending a bunch of time in Facebook groups that have become filled with drama or outdated practices that aren’t helping you grow?)

Find your strong suit and outsource or hire help for the rest and focus on the true tools that will help you grow and build a sustainable business in the process.

A Forward Marketing approach

Find the sources that work best to market your own individual business. You don’t have to be everywhere doing all the things when you get started. Give yourself 6 months to master and build longevity with marketing before adding the next tactic. Also, divide your marketing between platforms you own (Your e-mail list, your website, your blog, and your SEO) vs. Platforms you don’t (social media).

There are many places you can advertise whether it’s Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok, however, we want you to be aware of the bigger picture here. Many times you do have to pay to play. Meaning you will be spending your income on paid ads. There is nothing wrong with this, however, it is an area that you need to invest in for your education so that you don’t waste money doing this blindly.

Also, we really like to encourage boudoir photographers to be a minimum of one step ahead in their advertising, and realistically, 6-12 months ahead in thought. In order to have success with major sales, or launches in your business you need to prepare your audiences for this.

Your marketing calendar should be implemented and thought of ahead of time rather than a few days beforehand. Think weeks to months in advance!

Let’s Recap!

At The Boudoir Academy, we strongly believe that investing in your business will pay off tenfold once you have the right systems, processes, offers, and team in place to support your growth. When the infrastructure of your business is set up to support growth then all of the above will help you amplify the message of your offer to get in front of more eyes and in turn, scale your boudoir business.

So, friends, we hope that these 5 must-haves to grow your boudoir photography business will help you grow, without taking over your life! Remember, we value time, just as much as money. We want you to be able to take small incremental steps to build and grow a sustainable business rather than relying on the pressures of the feast and famine cycle that so many have been in far too long.

We believe that you are capable and if you need any help in these areas, reach out to us! We can help you build the solution for your unique business.

In case you missed it, be sure to watch the replay from our live free training: Mindshift: Artist -> Ceo Status!

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